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a, and he was forced to● anchor opposite one of the open●ings into the lagoons north of Mustang Islan■d. At length, on the nineteent■h, there came a faint breeze; ■the mists rolled away before it, and to his gr■eat joy he saw the "Joly" approaching. ■ "His joy," says Joutel, "was short.■" Beaujeu's lieutenant, Aire, came on board to● charge him with having caused the separ●ation, and La Salle retorted by throwing the bla■me on Beaujeu. Then came a d

ebate as to the■ir position. The priest Esmanville was present■, and reports that La Salle seemed● greatly perplexed. He had mo■re cause for perplexity than [Pg 376] he knew;■ for in his

Beaujeu a

ignorance of the longitude of the Mi●ssissippi, he had sailed more than four h■undred miles beyond it. Of

he coast w

t●his he had not the faintest suspic■ion. In full sight from his ship lay ■a reach of those vast lagoons w

as trendin

h●ich, separated from the sea b●y narrow strips of land, line this coast ●with little interruption from● G

g southwar

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alveston Bay to the Rio Grande■. The idea took possession of him that● the Mississippi discharged itself in●to these lagoons, a

nd thence made its way to t●he sea through the various

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